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What is New About Café Pacifico and La Perla Bar?

April 19. Micah Spurs

Ever since the news was released that this Original Mexican Restaurant which serves great foods and drinks is branching out in the USA part of the world, many people cannot contain their excitement. Every day we are being bombarded by emails and calls inquiring of the actual date of the restaurants opening.

Unfortunately, I still cannot disclose the exact date. We’re still making final arrangements for the opening, and even our staff is not even told of the date yet. But please expect that the opening would be something big! Of course, we’re not going to make the announcement elsewhere but just here at our official site. So, stay tuned!

In the meantime, let’s talk about what you should expect with this new branch in Tempe, AZ.

Like all the Café Pacifico and La Perla Bar restaurants all over the world, we are going to serve delicious food which ingredients are fresh from local farmers country over. We usually do that – Get out ingredients locally. As much as we want to gain from our ventures, we also want to help the local producers benefit from it. It should always be a twin-win. But like always, this new restaurant also would take in the look of the place it is situated in. So expect a lot of rustic designs inside and out.

We are also trying our several new dishes we think would be appreciated at this part of the globe. In partnership with the local chefs, our master cooks are already coming up with great addition to the menu. I cannot divulge the detail right now. All I could say is that, see you in May, folks! (Oh my. I didn’t just say that! Please don’t tell on me! I’m really terrible at keeping secrets like this.)