My Love for Coffee

I’ve always loved drinking coffee even when I was younger. I was able to adopt the habit as I grow old. So now, I could say that I am now a certified coffee lover. 

Why do I love coffee? Simple. It’s because the aromatic smell of the beans and the coffee itself has a relaxing effect on my nerves all the time. Drinking the warm liquid and tasting the delicious and creamy coffee always put me at ease. Not to mention, it never fails to make my day brighter. It’s impossible for me to wake up or start my day without even drinking a coffee, and whenever I had to do an all-nighter to study, this is what fuels me to last. Whenever I have time, I still go to various places just to check out new coffee shops or the ones I don’t know about. 

Last month, we had to sell our house to a cash home buyers in Texas and thankfully, we sold it easily. We never really left the place. We found a new house to settle in just within the vicinity but even then, I had to stop exploring different coffee shops for a while since there were a lot of things going on after moving into a new house. Good thing, there was a nearby coffee shop. I was lucky, Cafe Pacifico La Perla was located just near our new house. This enabled me to have my fill even once in a while. 

If you are wondering, as of now, I go to the cafe for two to three times a week whenever I’m not busy. But even if I am, I see to it that I can visit at least once a week. I really loved the place even if I just discovered it for only a short while. The place was really amazing with its structure combined with traditional and modern designs as well as architecture. It’s very relaxing and refreshing for me so I always keep coming back even with busy days and school works. Sometimes, I even study in this place since it’s not overly crowded, and is still very calming so it gives me time to think and focus. 

Drinking coffee has been really a helpful thing whether I need more power studying, or just to jumpstart my day. Plus, the good thing is, I learned that coffees might be helpful in people’s health. Knowing that coffee gives us both advantages or disadvantages was really useful since I learned how to balance the portions I take in. I already started lessening the cups of coffee I drink in a day to regulate my consumption. This is because coffee, in the right amount, can help reduce the risks of getting health problems. This is why it’s a good thing to visit coffee shops every now and then. So, until now, I still do and this just made my love for coffee only grew. 

There are good places to go to that will surely satisfy your cravings for coffee if you are a coffee lover like me. So, if you are interested, you can ask me about it or simply just search on the internet. 

Welcome to the official site of Café Pacifico and La Perla Bar!

Enjoy your Mexican-American cravings at a very affordable price on and off-site. We started in Paris, London, Cologne, Milan and Sydney. Now, we are bringing you our good dishes across the seas as we put our roots in the United States of America!

Get your taste buds ready with the flavorful taste of Mexican cuisine. Strong spices have never been any better being partnered with traditional American recipes. Join us at our soft opening soon in Tempe, Arizona! (Check out our bulletins as we announce the date soon!)

Why Arizona?

With the 50 something states of USA, why Arizona? The reason is simple, really. Just like any travellers, we fell in love at the place at first sight. With its rugged and breathtaking environment, the rawness of the surroundings would be a nice setting for our rustic theme. Not to mention, people are friendly, and the culture is could be traced wherever you look.

The structure of houses is a mixture of traditional and modern architecture. The garage doors that sit adjacent to most, if not every homes, add to the appeal of the place. It’s as if garages are intentionally made to upgrade the look of every building there. The doors offered by our nearby Tucson garage door service range from economical to luxurious, without looking too ostentatious to the eyes of the beholder. It is obvious how well it is taken care for by their local garage door service there in the area.

Café Pacifico and La Perla Bar, and their roots

Café Pacifico and La Perla Bar is an original Mexican Restaurant serving authentic California – Mexican food and drink, located in Central Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Sydney.

When Cafe Pacifico opened its first restaurant in Amsterdam in 1976, the food was based on Los Angeles-Mexican style cooking. Since then the menu has grown to include recipes developed in the Pacifico kitchens, as well as various regional dishes from Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. Pacifico’s food is healthy and freshly made in-house daily. Our in-house chefs make sure that every food is made with quality ingredients that would not only fill a hungry stomach, but fulfill the soul as well. This restaurant is for everyone so you can bring your families and friends to try it out.

We also specialize in Tequila! We’ve been known to serve the best tequila in the world. We also have several flavored hand-crafted beers. So if you are a fan of both, this is your happy place.

Café Pacifico and La Perla Bar also have evenings celebrating special occasions in the Mexican calendar. This is usually a fun occasion for everyone as we serve 5 million customers, over 3.5 million Margaritas & 300 tonnes of tortilla chips with over 300,000 litres of salsa in all of our restaurants combined during these occasions.

As early as now, we are already telling you that the dishes we serve here is addicting. Try it out at our soon-to-open store in Tempe, AZ today.

What is new?

What is New About Café Pacifico and La Perla Bar?

April 19. Micah Spurs

Ever since the news was released that this Original Mexican Restaurant which serves great foods and drinks is branching out in the USA part of the world, many people cannot contain their excitement. Every day we are being bombarded by emails and calls inquiring of the actual date of the restaurants opening.

Unfortunately, I still cannot disclose the exact date. We’re still making final arrangements for the opening, and even our staff is not even told of the date yet. But please expect that the opening would be something big! Of course, we’re not going to make the announcement elsewhere but just here at our official site. So, stay tuned!

In the meantime, let’s talk about what you should expect with this new branch in Tempe, AZ.

Like all the Café Pacifico and La Perla Bar restaurants all over the world, we are going to serve delicious food which ingredients are fresh from local farmers country over. We usually do that – Get out ingredients locally. As much as we want to gain from our ventures, we also want to help the local producers benefit from it. It should always be a twin-win. But like always, this new restaurant also would take in the look of the place it is situated in. So expect a lot of rustic designs inside and out.

We are also trying our several new dishes we think would be appreciated at this part of the globe. In partnership with the local chefs, our master cooks are already coming up with great addition to the menu. I cannot divulge the detail right now. All I could say is that, see you in May, folks! (Oh my. I didn’t just say that! Please don’t tell on me! I’m really terrible at keeping secrets like this.)