About Us

Cafe Pacifico is a one of a kind restaurant that caters to the cravings for Mexican food, drink, music, and the ambiance as a whole. It was launched in September 1976 and was first in Europe to offer a combination of Mexican and American food in their menu.

The original idea for Pacifico started in 1973 while travelling along the Pan-American highway in Nicaragua. It was there that the idea was conceived to start a special Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam, Holland. Through contacts in Mexico with Tequila Sauza and Cerveza Pacifico, in California with El Cholo Restaurant and in Amsterdam with supply sources and friends, the first Cafe Pacifico was opened by Tom and Jeanne Estes, and Dennis Rael in September 1976. Since those early beginnings, Pacifico has been represented in Paris, London, Cologne, Milan and Sydney.

La Perla Bar first opened in Paris in 1988 and is also in Covent Garden and Fulham, London.

El Pacifico

It seems I’ve gone grey in here, ageing into these mirrors, these lights, the chatter the length of the long varnished bar, among the tequilas muttering una mas.

It seems you’re far away again. At home the bed’s a mess and I forget to eat so I’m here again, drinking to health and good fortune, the long roads you’re out on.

The heart beats be safe, be safe, be safe, my love. Its that time, the mood calling Missing you eating down into the bones. Una mas, Pablito por favor. Una mas, una mas.

-Ken Smith-


Now, we are celebrating our 25th year – 1976 – 2001. Now, we are hoping for another 25 years of non-stop blessings and more opportunities. We are continuously growing to satisfy the cravings for Mexican-American dish, Even our menu is ever expanding as we try additional dishes for our customers.